Magnifying Nutrients

The time-proven experience and enhanced efficiency fertilizers of Koch Agronomic Services, LLC helps retailers, farmers and turf professionals do more with less, through a range of products grounded in science.

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Koch Agronomic Services, LLC.

Each nitrogen stabilizer product we offer provides urea-based fertilizers with varying levels of protection against nitrogen loss.


We offer several different slow- and controlled-release fertilizers for consistent performance in a wide range of specialty agriculture environments.

Specialty Agriculture

Our proven technologies are available for golf course superintendents, landscaping professionals and homeowners.

Turf & Ornamental

One of the largest opportunities for better efficiency comes from a microscopic source: nutrients. We provide enhanced efficiency fertilizer (EEF) products that work at the molecular level to increase the value of your fertilizer investment.

Focusing on Nitrogen

Focusing on Nitrogen

Our specific point of interest is the importance of nitrogen efficiency. When untreated urea or UAN are surface-applied, up to 40% of the urea-based nitrogen can be lost. We offer fertilizer treatments and nitrogen stabilizer products that protect your nitrogen investment, helping to improve the potential for better crop yield and greener grass.

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