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According to the Census of Agriculture, no-tilled acres in the United States reached a new high of 96 million acres in 2012. While no-till is being adopted at a growing pace, it does not come without challenges.


No-till growers face up to 40% nitrogen loss due to ammonia volatilization when their surface-applied fertilizer is not incorporated into the soil by rainfall or irrigation.


Treating your urea or UAN with AGROTAIN® nitrogen stabilizer helps control nitrogen loss by blocking the enzyme urease - allowing more time for nitrogen to be moved below the soil surface. This not only keeps more nitrogen available for growing plants, but also means optimized yield and ROI for your operation.

Irrigated Corn Yield Benefit with AGROTAIN® PLUS


Across three nitrogen rates, UAN treated with AGROTAIN® PLUS stabilizer averaged a yield advantage of 17 bu/acre compared to unprotected UAN.

  • Silt loam soil, no-till corn following corn.
  • Fertilizer was broadcast prior to planting.
  • Trial conducted at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Brule Water Laboratory (BWL) in western Nebraska by Dr. Tim Shaver in 2014.

corn yield benefit with AGROTAIN®


AGROTAIN® treated urea resulted in an average 38 bu/acre yield advantage compared to unprotected urea.

The performance of AGROTAIN® treated urea compared to the other stabilizer indicates AGROTAIN® stabilizer was more effective at controlling ammonia volatilization losses.

  • Field study.
  • Treatments were broadcast-applied three days prior to planting and not incorporated.
  • Source: Pike, 2014. University of Illinois.

The underlying data was provided by the University of Illinois and the University of Nebraska under a Research Trial Financial Support Agreement with Koch Agronomic Services, LLC and neither the University of Illinois, the University of Nebraska, nor the referenced individual researchers, endorse or recommend any product or service.

AGROTAIN® stabilizer has proved its value to no-till growers time and time again. In fact, growers at the National No-Tillage Conference have named AGROTAIN® stabilizer the top product in the fertility/soil amendments category for 11 years in a row. That’s as long as the award has been around.

Dr. Greg Schwab, Ph.D. and Director of Agronomy at Koch Agronomic Services, explains more.

Greg Schwab, Ph.D. and Director of Agronomy at Koch Agronomic Services