Who We Are
Who We Are


Koch Agronomic Services (KAS) is a global organization focused on bringing proven solutions to the field. We are a team with unique backgrounds and experiences — working to develop and deliver effective solutions for our customers.

Each product in our portfolio is supported by our proven track record of product discovery, development, product validation and commercialization. Together, we deliver the solutions and technologies that give growers better efficiency, increased yield potential and the confidence they need to be successful at what they do best.

“We’ve built a reputation to do what we say we’re going to do. We want to expand our portfolio with high performing products, that help growers across the globe be more efficient with their nutrient application. We also want everyone to understand the science behind the solution. That’s our focus.”
Steve Coulter leads Koch Agronomic Services (KAS), overseeing the growing portfolio of solutions designed to make nutrients more efficient than they are today. He works to develop the team to be positioned for future growth opportunities for KAS with the development of new products and acquisitions. And with more than 25 years of experience, Steve has excelled in developing collaborative teams and a strategic business framework. Before earning his bachelor’s degree in agribusiness from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, he grew up on his family’s farming operation in Nebraska growing corn and soybeans and raising cattle.
Steve Coulter
Senior Vice President



Each team within KAS is connected by a shared focus. Our goal: find ways to deliver innovative, science-based plant nutrient solutions that boost yield potential and reduce environmental impact.

Strategic Marketing and Supply Chain


The customer is at the center of every decision made by our Strategic Marketing and Supply Chain teams. These groups are committed to developing strategies designed to support our competitively advantaged portfolio of solutions — always with the intention of boosting performance and optimizing results.

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“The KAS product marketing, brand and communications, supply chain and customer services teams play a pivotal role in meeting and supporting customer needs and success. These groups are dedicated to understanding the industry, manufacturing proven products, and supporting our sales organization with customer-focused communications, ensuring product quality and superior customer service.”
Adam Mangum leads strategic marketing and supply chain teams for KAS. These teams are responsible for everything from buying the raw materials that make up our products to putting together advertising campaigns to help educate our customers on the benefits of KAS solutions. He has more than 20 years of experience in marketing, product development and business development, and has a passion for empowering his team to unlock its potential. Adam has a bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University in journalism, and a Master’s in Business Administration from Purdue University. In addition to his love of agriculture, he enjoys writing, reading, sports and spending time with his wife and five children.
Adam Mangum
Vice President, Marketing and Supply Chain
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The KAS innovation process starts and ends with our customers. We talk with our customers globally to understand what problems and challenges they are facing and where they are looking to grow, so we can focus our efforts on delivering solutions that matter and create real value. Because our organization continues to make growth a top priority, we formed this team to specifically focus on finding new opportunities and further facilitate the development of the KAS product portfolio.

“We’re focused on finding ways to grow our portfolio. We want to add new products and new technologies that will help expand our offering. We want to become nutrient experts and we’re focusing on long-term innovations to ensure that happens.”
As Director of Brand Expansion, Michael oversees the development and execution of long-term growth strategies for KAS, including mergers and acquisitions and in-licensing new technologies. Michael joined the company in 2017 and has more than 15 years of marketing and sales experience in specialty plant nutrition businesses. Before earning his bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Missouri, Michael grew up on his family’s farm in Missouri — a diverse row crop, cow-calf and poultry operation.
Michael Berry
Director of Brand Expansion

Research and Development

At KAS, we’re constantly innovating. It’s how we were able to develop our industry-leading active ingredients like Pronitridine and Duromide, and it’s why our dedicated team of chemists continuously work to refine and improve our products. From performance-based enhancements to making handling easier, we work with our customers to find out what would make a better product in their hands, and then use our expertise to develop those technologies.

Research and Development
“With our global team of chemists and agronomists working together with growers and leading research organizations, we are developing and delivering customer-driven solutions that perform in the field and create real value for our customers.”
Dr. Kurt Gabrielson serves as the Vice President of Research and Development (R&D) for KAS where he manages a diverse team of research scientists and engineers. Kurt’s responsibilities include the management of intellectual property, new product development and product maintenance. In addition to the resources within KAS, Kurt leverages access to R&D employees across Koch Industries to share knowledge and ideas, test hypotheses, experiment, and challenge. Kurt has more than 30 years of experience in R&D and has extensive experience developing new products for new and existing market. Kurt earned a Ph.D. in organic chemistry from Emory University and a Bachelor of Science in chemistry from Rhode Island College and is an inventor on more than 150 granted patents.
Dr. Kurt Gabrielson, Ph.D.
Vice President, Research & Development (R&D)
Robust Salesforce

Robust Salesforce

Building loyalty throughout our customers’ organizations is one of our top priorities. We actively work to become a preferred partner, not only because it’s a key tenant of Principled Entrepreneurship™, but because we recognize the value in creating relationships that benefit all involved.

We support a sales mentality that delivers an exceptional customer experience. In doing so, we create deeper and more meaningful connections with our customers.

“Our sales team continually works to position KAS as a preferred partner for our customers by providing solutions and offerings that create the most value compared to their alternatives. We respect the input and needs of our customers and growers to create solutions that help them optimize their nutrient inputs and operations.”
As vice president of global sales for Koch Agronomic Services (KAS), Greg Hunter oversees a global sales team working to drive awareness and adoption of KAS products, while supporting and building relationships with KAS customers. Greg brings more than 30 years of industry experience and prior to joining KAS in 2013, Greg worked for Rio Tinto Minerals on their product development team. He attended Colorado State University where he majored in animal science and agricultural business but later graduated from the University of Phoenix with a bachelor’s degree in business management. Greg resides in Colorado’s Front Range where he and his family also operate a cow-calf operation.
Greg Hunter
Vice President, Global Sales


KAS has access to a global team of agronomists with first-hand expertise in all major crops across the world. We pride ourselves on using impartial, third-party research in our evaluation of our current portfolio and potential pipeline technologies in order to optimize our solutions so they perform their best in the field.

In addition to field research, each agronomy team member lends their technical expertise to the KAS sales team and our customers sales teams by providing personalized training on the topics that matter most for each region.



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