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Press Releases
WOLF TRAX Boosts Nutrient Use Efficiency to Maximize Your Crop Performance
Posted on Monday, January 31, 2022
Micronutrients are a key component of any crops’ nutrient management plan, providing plants the nutrients they need throughout the growth cycle.

WOLF TRAX® Dry Dispersible Powder (DDP®) micronutrients, from Koch Agronomic Services (Koch), has a new look, but is still specially formulated and designed to simplify micronutrient management, boost crop performance and maximize a grower’s nutrient use efficiency. 

“Micronutrients are an essential part of your crop’s nutrition plan,” said Edwin Suarez, senior agronomist for Koch. “Without micronutrients, plants can't fulfill their essential functions such as photosynthesis, growth and reproduction. In order to improve your crop’s nutrient use efficiency and get the most out of your input investment, micronutrients need to be available to the plant through the season.”

Setting Crops Up For Success
All crops can face soil or weather induced micronutrient deficiencies that can cause stress and affect crop performance. But with the research-tested and field-proven patented technology of WOLF TRAX products, crops have the help they need to address those limiting factors and reach maximum yield potential. 

The Koch patented technology, EvenCoat® provides complete coverage and ensures the adhesion of micronutrients to the entire surface of dry fertilizer granules – even after transportation. This allows the micronutrients to be distributed evenly across the fertilizer blend to result in an even distribution of nutrients across the field and places them in closer proximity to growing roots so crops can consistently access the right rate throughout the growth lifecycle. 

Complete Confidence
Will Rice says he’s got complete confidence in WOLF TRAX. The operations manager for Carolina Eastern in Dillon, S.C., has used the product for 10 years.

“Micronutrients are just as important to your crop as NPK is because it's going to make your other inputs work better,” Rice said. “With WOLF TRAX’s even distribution, the product allows you to have a good spread in the field and that just gives another shot in the arm for that plant. WOLF TRAX might be called a ‘micro’ nutrient, but it’s very important to your crop’s success.”

The Balanced Nutrition Package from Koch
WOLF TRAX DDP nutrients are part of a balanced crop nutrition package from Koch. WOLF TRAX allows the flexibility to combine multiple DDP nutrients into one fertilizer blend to provide growers with a custom micronutrient mix. With a commitment to research and development of plant nutrient solutions, growers can rely on the micronutrient and nitrogen efficiency products from Koch. From the very beginning of a plant’s life cycle, Koch has the right product for the unique needs of every field.

To learn more about WOLF TRAX, go to or contact your Koch sales representative.

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