Nutrient Protection | Koch Agronomic Services
Nutrient Protection | Koch Agronomic Services
AGROTAIN® nitrogen stabilizer is the original, most research-proven urease inhibitor technology on the market. With over 25 years of trials and real-world results on millions of acres worldwide, it’s the one growers trust to optimize their yield potential and minimize environmental impact.
Protect against above and below ground nitrogen loss with SUPERU® premium fertilizer from Koch Agronomic Services. With the highest concentration of nitrogen available in a granule, SUPERU contains urease and nitrification inhibitors to guard crops from denitrification, leaching and volatilization.
ANVOL™ nitrogen stabilizer from Koch Agronomic Services will deliver long-lasting urease inhibitor technology in a wide range of pH levels. Get superior flexibility and handling while protecting your nitrogen investment against ammonia volatilization with the dual active ingredients of ANVOL.
CENTURO™ nitrogen stabilizer from Koch Agronomic Services will be a next-generation nitrification inhibitor for anhydrous ammonia. Featuring the patented active ingredient, Pronitridine, CENTURO will offer nitrogen protection and flexibility in an easier-to-handle, noncorrosive solution.
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