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Researching Tomorrow's Solutions Today
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Thanks to agronomic research being conducted around the world, advances are being made each day to help growers produce more with fewer resources. And that work not only helps to feed people across the globe, it also creates value for society as a whole.

In this video from Field Notes from Koch Agronomic Services (Koch), you’ll hear about the ag solutions that are making a difference for all of us today and what it takes to drive successful long-term change in this sector. 

Experts from different disciplines that we spoke to include: 

  • Brad Bray, Missouri grower
  • Greg O’Toole, owner and manager, O’Toole Inc.
  • Michael Berry, director of brand expansion, Koch
  • Steve Coulter, senior vice president, Koch

Article Categories: Video Player Icon VIDEO, US, Nitrogen Loss
This episode features Kate Koehler, the director of product management and communications for Koch Agronomic Services, and Edwin Suarez, technical agronomist with Koch Agronomic Services. They discuss the information growers need to make their input plan for next season, the benefits of fall applications and how the decision to use a stabilizer can help growers achieve a higher return on their nitrogen investment.
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Each year, new agronomic solutions are introduced for growers to consider using to help them better their operation. The best of those allow growers to use fewer resources, potentially saving them money in the long run and promoting a more sustainable future.
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