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SYNTHOS®: The Confident Choice in Phosphorus Efficiency
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As a phosphate-solubilizing plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR) product, SYNTHOS nutrient enhancer is designed to convert phosphate-based fertilizer into readily available forms for uptake and use in a variety of crops—making it a must-have for any operation facing phosphorus management challenges.
Why Phosphorus is Important

Phosphorus (P) plays an essential role in crop growth as it forms organic compounds and is used for energy storage and transfer. This element is also vital for vigorous growth, stimulating root development, assisting in disease resistance, and promoting maturity and seed formation. Without adequate phosphorus levels, your crop can become deficient, negatively impacting your yield.

Phosphorus Deficiency in Soils

Despite phosphorus playing a critical role in plants, it is the second-most widely deficient nutrient in soils. Minerals comprising the parent material of many soils are low in phosphorus and require special fertilizers to help release nutrients. Phosphorus also forms compounds of very low solubility in the soil and is contained in smaller amounts compared to nitrogen (N) and potassium (K), thus making it more susceptible to deficiency. While not always visible, these deficiencies can be detrimental to the crop’s growth.

How SYNTHOS Can Help

Highly Effective Formulation: SYNTHOS has a unique formulation designed for treating fertilizer that increases nutrient efficiency by improving soil health and making nutrients useful for plants, improving plant adaptability and promoting plant growth.

Bioactive Ingredient: Bacillus spp., the bioactives in SYNTHOS, produce enzymes and organic acids that improve the solubilization of phosphorus fertilizer into plant-available forms. They also promote growth metabolites that encourage a more robust root system, improving nutrient and water uptake.

Long Shelf Life: SYNTHOS can be stored for two years before microbial viability is compromised, extending the window for application. It is also viable on fertilizer for up to 18 months, depending on storage conditions.

Easy Application: Applying SYNTHOS is simple. It’s formulated to impregnate bulk, dry fertilizer and can be applied banded at seeding.

Reduces Dust: The mineral oil-based formulation of SYNTHOS acts as a dust suppressant, helping reduce the amount of particles that can build up during storage, blending and spreading.

Don’t risk a phosphorus deficiency impacting your crop’s potential. Maximize your phosphorus and get the most out of your investment with SYNTHOS. Learn more by contacting your sales representative today.

Article Categories: CANADA, Blog Icon BLOG
Article Tags: Canola, SYNTHOS, Wheat
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