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When It Comes To Generating Results, Generic Stabilizers Don’t Stack Up
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It’s no secret: the unpredictability of input costs has growers searching for more opportunities to cut spending—including on nitrogen stabilizers.

There may be opportunities to save a buck in some areas of your operation, however, the risk simply isn't worth the reward when it comes to protecting your most expensive input – nitrogen. Experience tells us that the right nitrogen stabilizer can actually help maximize your fertilizer investment .

A common misconception is that generic stabilizer products can deliver the same efficacy as leading competitors using shared active ingredients. Selecting a solution with the right formulation is critical in ensuring your nitrogen is protected from the loss you're more likely to experience. Choose the formulations that have high concentrations of active ingredients and are backed by years of research. Trusted solutions from Koch Agronomic Services (KAS) like ANVOL® nitrogen stabilizer, AGROTAIN® nitrogen stabilizer and SUPERU® fertilizer deliver optimal active ingredient concentrations that generic products struggle to match.

ANVOL® Nitrogen Stabilizer: In a Field of its Own

Take one look at the facts and it’s easy to see what sets ANVOL apart from others in the market. With active ingredients NBPT and Duromide—a Koch-patented active ingredient offering an unrivaled level of protection—you get powerful above-ground defense over a wide range of soil conditions. It’s a level of performance made possible by a combination and concentration of active ingredients you can’t find anywhere else.

The high active ingredient concentration of ANVOL also lends to a lower treatment rate. This unique feature allows growers to optimize their own nitrogen rates while creating more cost savings and increased efficiency in the field. With ANVOL, you get a solution that offers lower treatment rates, resulting in reduced labor demands and more efficient handling and storage. In a 2019 Kansas State University study, ANVOL treated urea at an 80 pounds N/ac application rate yielded comparably to untreated urea at a 100 pounds N/ac application rate, allowing growers to optimize nitrogen use efficiency  and potentially reduce costs.

AGROTAIN®: Delivering Research-Proven Protection

Generic nitrogen stabilizers claim to provide strong nitrogen defense—but AGROTAIN is proven to deliver. The focus of more than 20 years of research and hundreds of trials, AGROTAIN stabilizer provides strong protection against volatilization loss. 

AGROTAIN is also the most research-proven urease inhibitor technology on the market with a trusted formulation and history of handling performance.

SUPERU® Premium Fertilizer: There’s No Substitute For Unsurpassed Protection
“You get what you pay for.” It’s a familiar adage and one that holds especially true when considering what fertilizer you want to apply to your fields. With SUPERU, what you “get” is protection against all three forms of nitrogen loss and the highest active ingredient concentration (46%) available in a granular, ready-to-use, stabilized urea-based fertilizer.

What makes SUPERU truly unique is its method of incorporation, utilizing exclusive N-TEGRATION® Technology to integrate the active ingredients evenly throughout every granule. This means SUPERU provides consistent protection against nitrogen loss which allows more nitrogen to be available for uptake. And because it provides broader and more even spread patterns, it covers more acres in less time, maximizing your productivity. These factors and more are what allow SUPERU to outperform lesser formulations. And even though nitrogen stabilizers with a low rate of DCD may claim the same protection as SUPERU, the data simply proves otherwise.

In a lab study evaluating the DCD concentration in SUPERU against 2 qt/ton of a 28% concentration product, SUPERU provided twice as much protection against nitrification after 21 days when averaged across the three soils tested, and more than three times the protection after 42 days.1

CAN superu-DCDconcentration        CAN superu_DCDconcentration_42  

All Stabilizers Are Not Created Equal 

When input costs become unpredictable and the stakes get raised, don’t put your trust in unproven generics to protect your investment. Connect with a Koch representative  today to learn more about how you can stabilize your nitrogen with our proven solutions. It’s your first step towards potentially improving your bottom line. 

1This data is derived from a lab study. SUPERU rates were calculated based on label concentration to get equivalent rates. G. W. McCarty & J. M. Bremner (1989) Laboratory evaluation of dicyandiamide as a soil nitrification inhibitor, Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis, 20:19-20, 2049-2065, DOI: 10.1080/00103628909368200

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