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Protecting a Nitrogen Investment from the Unpredictability of El Niño
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According to the National Weather Service Climate Prediction Center, growers across the U.S. may start noticing the impacts of El Niño as we progress into the fall and winter seasons.

Generally, the effects of an El Niño include above-average precipitation for the southern U.S. including Texas and New Mexico and warmer-than-average temperatures for western and northern states.  The U.S. Gulf Coast and Florida may see wetter-than-average conditions, where the Ohio Valley and Pacific Northwest may experience drier-than-average conditions. 

While growers are familiar with the unpredictability of their weather, the varying impacts of El Niño can mean leaving input investments to even more chance. 

To stay ahead of the unpredictability and to protect your nitrogen applications from the varying weather conditions this fall and winter, we encourage you to reach out to your KAS representative to help determine which solution would be best for you.     

CENTURO® Nitrogen Stabilizer: As the first nitrification inhibitor to receive EPA registration in more than 40 years, CENTURO offers highly effective below-ground nitrogen protection and unequaled flexibility in an easy-to-handle solution that is noncorrosive to the metal used with UAN and anhydrous ammonia.

SUPERU® Fertilizer: With the highest concentration of nitrogen available in a stabilized, urea-based granule, SUPERU protects against all three forms of nitrogen loss, above and below ground, and boasts 25 years of 3rd party agronomic research. 

ANVOL® Nitrogen Stabilizer: ANVOL is the next-generation nitrogen stabilizer from KAS, featuring dual active ingredients — both Duromide and NBPT. This more concentrated formulation allows for a low application rate with Duromide, the Koch-patented active ingredient, providing longer-lasting protection against nitrogen loss due to volatilization.


Contact your KAS Strategic Account Manager or Find A Rep to learn how you can protect your nitrogen this season.   

CENTURO is not registered for sale or use in all states. Contact your state pesticide agency to determine if a product is registered for sale or use in your state. 

Article Categories: US, Blog Icon BLOG
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