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VIDEO: Premium Protection & Efficiency with SUPERU® Fertilizer
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Packed with unsurpassed efficiency in every granule, SUPERU premium fertilizer has been scientifically formulated to protect a grower’s nitrogen investment against volatilization, leaching and denitrification. With both urease and nitrification inhibitors, SUPERU enhances nitrogen efficiency, boosts yield and minimizes potential nitrogen loss to nearby water sources.

SUPERU is specially formulated to be a superior, ready-to-use, incorporated granule that optimizes your yield potential by increasing the available nitrogen in your soil - delivering protection, productivity and efficiency in one premium fertilizer.

But don’t take our word for it. 

“There’s simply no other product out there that contains optimal amounts of both urease and nitrification inhibitors and performs so well," said Jason Weirich, Pd.D., director of agronomy for MFA, Inc., a full-service farm supply retailer and cooperative based out of Columbia, MO with 140 locations throughout Missouri, Iowa, Kansas, Oklahoma and Arkansas.

Hit play to hear more. 

To learn more about SUPERU and the operational and agronomic benefits it can offer you, click here

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