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Optimizing Yield Potential With Your Spring Fertilizer Application
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For more than 25 years, AGROTAIN has been the dependable nitrogen stabilizer from Koch Agronomic Services (Koch) that has time and again helped growers optimize their yield potential. But what if there was something even better?

With unpredictable weather comes spring planting challenges. Now more than ever, yield matters. ANVOL® is the next-generation urease inhibitor from Koch and is the key to unlocking a higher level of profits on your farm. 

Extended Protection

Providing the longest-lasting protection against above-ground nitrogen loss, ANVOL is what you need to consider for your spring application. Tim Laatsch is the technical agronomy manager for Koch and has been farming in Illinois for the past 20 years. Laatsch recommends using ANVOL to minimize volatilization and maximize a higher return on your nitrogen investment. 

“As growers, we make significant investments to improve our nitrogen use efficiency,” says Laatsch. “It’s exciting to see products like ANVOL. It offers the longest-available protection on the market against volatilization losses, giving us greater peace of mind.”

The Difference is Duromide

Like AGROTAIN, ANVOL features the same trusted active ingredient of NBPT. But the difference between the two is the addition of Duromide, a patented active ingredient that works in tandem with NBPT to optimize the amount of nutrients available for crop uptake. The high concentration of those ingredients allows for a low application rate, resulting in a more efficient coating, a drier blend and an overall reduction in labor demands.

ANVOL has proven to be effective for growers, extending the window of protection for nitrogen. NBPT blocks the hydrolysis of urea as soon as it’s applied, then Duromide plays its part. Having been designed as a more robust molecule, Duromide keeps that protection going longer, giving fertilizer even more time to be incorporated, while optimizing yield potential in the process.

ANVOL Performs Well In Different Regions

ANVOL stabilizer provides improved performance across a wide range of soil environments. Duromide’s added longevity increases the opportunity for nitrogen to be moved into the soil and not lost to the environment through volatilization. 

In studies conducted from 2016 to 2018 across multiple U.S. sites and soil conditions, ANVOL showed how it could maximize yields. The findings from the studies held that ANVOL had a 31 bu/acre yield advantage on corn over untreated urea.1

Grower Sees ANVOL Advantage

John Corman, a long-time grower from Pennsylvania, saw the benefits of using ANVOL this year and will be utilizing it again in his nitrogen application next spring. “The product does a really nice job of being able to incorporate on the urea without having a lot of stickiness or difficulty spreading,” says Corman. “The product we were using originally, tended to be gummy and if you didn't get it out of the truck as soon as it got here, you basically were driving rods down trying to break it up.”

Multiple factors can contribute to nitrogen loss, such as soil moisture, warm temperatures, wind, soil acidity and high crop residues. Corman saw some of those weather conditions this year. 

“A benefit of using ANVOL is the potential to avoid losing nitrogen with excessive rainfall. We like the stability of it and having more longevity,” says Corman. “It seems to last longer and be there for the corn when you need it.” 

For decades, growers utilized AGROTAIN to give their crops the best protection, but now’s the time to use ANVOL because your crops deserve the best. It’s powerful in its protection. It’s recommended by fellow farmers who see the operational and yield benefits. So why haven’t you switched yet?

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1Based on sites responsive to nitrogen fertilizer and conducive to volatilization loss. The underlying data was provided by Virginia Tech, University of Kentucky, University of Tennessee, University of Illinois and Pike Ag, LLC under Research Trial Financial Support Agreements with Koch Agronomic Services, LLC. Neither these institutions, nor the individual researchers referenced, endorse or recommend any product or service. AGROTAIN®, ANVOL and the ANVOL logo are trademarks of Koch Agronomic Services, LLC. Koch is a trademark of Koch Industries, Inc. © 2019 Koch Agronomic Services, LLC. All rights reserved. 

Article Tags: ANVOL, Urea, Spring, Above Ground, Corn
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