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PROTIVATE Provides Crops More Potential in the Field
Growers looking to provide the critical nutrition needed for early crop establishment can now turn to PROTIVATE️ nutritional seed enhancer. With proprietary blends of nutrients applied directly to the seed, PROTIVATE is tailored to maximize emergence and resilience for a variety of crops.
PROTIVATE Provides Crops More Potential in the Field


“Growers need every advantage they can get to combat the limiting factors that are out of their control,” said Tim Laatsch, the North America director of agronomy at KAS. “PROTIVATE is a tool in a grower’s toolbox to alleviate post-planting uncertainties surrounding nutrient availability. At planting, we often encounter cold and wet soils — factors which restrict the access of critical nutrients and cause poor emergence."

With limiting factors hindering the potential of young plants, growers can use field-proven products to help during the vital early-growth stages.

“Young plants need nutrition early on to get the right start,” said Bud Price, a grower in Dillon, S.C. “PROTIVATE gives me the confidence and peace of mind that I’m giving my crop the nutrition needed to help succeed throughout the growing season. It’s a good choice that helps provide my crop with the strongest possible start."


A Dual-Purpose Solution

As a highly concentrated source of nutrition for young crops, the PROTIVATE portfolio also boasts an additional operational advantage as a talc replacement. PROTIVATE works as a seed-drying source, even in high humidity conditions. This encourages better seed singulation, helping to avoid costly skips and doubles during planting.

“Growers will like the seed nutrition provided by PROTIVATE as well as the lubricity it offers, eliminating the need for talc,” said Will Rice, assistant manager of Carolina Eastern. “As a flow agent, it will give them confidence the seed is planting as it should be while providing the early season nutrition crops need.” 


Three Formulations for More Flexibility

The seed nutrition portfolio from PROTIVATE offers three formulations: NU4-DRI, NU5-DRI and NU5-LUX, with application methods that can fit the equipment available for growers or retailers from direct in-the-planter, to downstream applications. This provides flexible, highly efficient ways to put nutrition right where the crop needs it. 

To learn more about the three formulations available and to find the one that’s right for you and your operation, visit or contact your local KAS sales representative.

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