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Nitrogen Protection From Large Rainfall Events
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With unprecedented rainfall in the 2019 spring, many growers across the country faced the challenge of nitrogen loss due to leaching and denitrification. Learn how SUPERU helped beat the odds.

In an average year, Oklahoma receives 36 inches of rain, but in spring 2019 one town received 22 inches of rain between April and June, leaving their nitrogen at risk for loss had they not used SUPERU® premium fertilizer.  

The Agronomic Benefit of SUPERU

Based on soil sample analysis conducted by a third-party lab, SUPERU fertilizer protected the nitrogen application to a corn crop from leaching and denitrification losses after 22 inches of rain. 

SUPERU outperforms in protection for leaching and denitrification

The soil sample showed that of the 115lbs of N/acre applied as SUPERU fertilizer the crop, 95lbs of N/acre applied as SUPERU remained in the soil after the large rain events – 82.6% of the originally applied nitrogen. The untreated urea had 24lbs of N/acre remaining in the soil of the 126.5lbs of N/acre originally applied – or 19% of the originally applied nitrogen.  

The Economic Benefit of SUPERU

Based on the soil samples, by applying SUPERU fertilizer, 71 more lbs of nitrogen was protected against leaching and denitrification losses. This can equate to $29.11/acre1 of nitrogen remaining in the soil compared to the untreated urea. By keeping applied nitrogen where it belongs, growers cannot only benefit agronomically, but economically as well.  

SUPERU fertilizer is another tool in the toolbox that helps growers keep their nitrogen where it belongs – so it’s available to the plant for absorption, helping optimize yield and minimizing environmental impacts, all of which support 4R nutrient stewardship.  

To learn how you could benefit from SUPERU this spring, contact your KAS representative here.  

1Estimated cost of urea fertilizer per ton ($375) based on historical data. Cost per unit of N calculated by (2,000 lbs x .46) = 920, (375 / 920) = .41 Nitrogen investment protected with SUPERU calculated by (.41 x 71) = $29.11 Values are for demonstrative purposes only. 

Data was provided and permission for use was granted by a KAS retail SUPERU® customer in Oklahoma. Soil testing was conducted by a third-party laboratory service in June 2019

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