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Knowledge Center for Agriculture Solutions | Koch Agronomic Services
OPTRIENT MoCo Optimizes Flower Retention for Nut and Fruit Trees
Growers looking to optimize flower retention in nut and fruit trees can now lean on OPTRIENT MoCo foliar nutrients.

As a ready-to-use liquid formulation, OPTRIENT MoCo contains molybdenum and cobalt—two key nutrients that work in tandem to optimize the window for flower retention.

“Both molybdenum and cobalt play key roles in nitrogen utilization and nitrogen metabolism in the plant, which in turn make the plant healthier and less stressed,” said TJ Bingham, technical agronomist for Koch Agronomic Services (KAS). “In orchards, if a tree is not stressed, it’s going to have better flower retention.

With increased flower retention, OPTRIENT MoCo can help maximize production and overall orchard performance.

“OPTRIENT MoCo can really help growers during the pre-bloom and blooming season,” said Mackenzie Chambers, KAS California and Arizona territory business manager. “By keeping those flowers viable for a longer timeframe, bees have increased opportunities to pollinate, which has a direct correlation to yield.”  

As a liquid foliar, OPTRIENT MoCo is applied directly to the leaf, allowing the nutrients to be quickly absorbed and readily available. In addition to promoting flower retention, molybdenum and cobalt also improve fruit setting and protect against premature fruit and nut drop.

“Producing specialty crops, such as almonds, can be incredibly expensive for growers because of how long it takes for trees to begin producing,” Chambers stated. “Having a product that allows them to maximize their investment without breaking the bank is essential to their operation.”   

Dustin Peton, a sales manager at North Valley Ag Services, agrees. 

“In products containing molybdenum and cobalt, I have seen a consistent yield increase when used between pink bud and full bloom,” said Peton. “On average, these nutrients have led to a yield increase of about 250 to 350 pounds per acre with both ideal bloom weather and with poor weather conditions.”

Boost flower retention and maximize investments with OPTRIENT MoCo by contacting your local KAS sales representative.