Input Costs Communications Resources
Input Costs Communications Resources

Whenever input costs are high, growers around the globe are forced to take a critical look at their nitrogen management strategies. That's because the higher prices put more pressure on maximizing yield potential and getting the most out of a crop.

We’ve put together the following resources to inform you about the current economic conditions affecting the industry. This information will also help guide you as you make nitrogen plans for your own operation. Once you’ve had a chance to see the facts, you’ll understand how vital it is to utilize a nitrogen stabilizer. Protect your nitrogen investment from loss and you’ll be better positioned to maximize your overall investment.

Tap Into Nitrogen Stabilizers That Get Results

Protecting your nitrogen from loss is the best way to get the most out of your investment. With help from two of our proven nitrogen stabilizers, you can set yourself up for success by creating the right conditions for your crop without causing major disruptions to your budget.

Extend Your Protection With ANVOL® Nitrogen Stabilizer

By protecting the nitrogen applied to their fields, growers can maximize the nutrients available for crop uptake without having to put down additional pounds of fertilizer. ANVOL—with its dual active ingredients Duromide and NBPT—is proven to boost efficiency while providing a longer duration of protection from nitrogen through volatilization.

Slow the Loss of Nitrogen

A recent peer-reviewed article concludes Duromide reduces ammonia volatilization loss from urea by up to 33 percent compared to stabilizers using NBPT alone1 . That level of protection shows exactly why ANVOL is a must-have for growers looking to stretch their nitrogen dollars.

1 Cassim BMAR, Kachinski WD, Besen MR, Coneglian CF, Macon CR, Paschoeto GF, Inoue TT, Batista MA. Duromide increase NBPT efficiency in reducing ammonia volatilization loss from urea. Rev Bras Cienc Solo. 2021;45:e0210017.

Boost Your Efficiency with CENTURO® Nitrogen Stabilizer

When you protect the nitrogen you apply, you maximize the nitrogen available for crop uptake. CENTURO® has demonstrated its ability to be an efficient, easy-to-handle nitrification inhibitor that brings peace of mind while also acting as an essential component for any operation using anhydrous ammonia or UAN.

Benefit From Proven Protection

The below-ground protection of CENTURO gives growers the ability to safeguard their nitrogen—and the results are staggering. In 12 replicated trials2 conducted across four locations in Nebraska, Illinois and Missouri, CENTURO improved nitrogen use efficiency by up to 25 percent. Those results show it’s possible to protect your bottom line by making your nitrogen work smarter and harder.

2 University of Nebraska, University of Missouri, and the Illinois Fertilizer and Chemical Association under Research Trial Financial Support Agreements with Koch Agronomic Services, LLC. Koch Agronomic Services, LLC and neither these institutions, nor the individual researchers referenced, endorse or recommend any product or service.

Get Ahead by Getting the Facts

As your partner in the field, we’ve always got your best interests in mind. It’s why we put together informative articles and podcast episodes—to keep you in-the-know and up-to-speed on all of the factors that can impact your operation. Dig in and get an even deeper understanding of nitrogen stabilizers and the vital role they play during times of uncertainty.

Share the Knowledge

Below you will find sell sheets detailing the current market conditions and how our solutions can help offset high input costs. Download the sheets today and share them with anyone interested in learning more about the proven power of nitrogen stabilizers.

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