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Press Releases
Koch Agronomic Services Offers New Liquid Foliar Product for Tree Nut and Fruit Growers
Article Categories: Nutrient Management
Posted on Monday, August 21, 2023
An industry leader in providing innovative nutrient solutions, Koch Agronomic Services (KAS) has expanded their portfolio to include foliar solutions.

OPTRIENT foliar nutrients gives crops targeted nutrition for maximum performance. The newest foliar solution within the OPTRIENT foliar line is OPTRIENT MoCo. 

OPTRIENT MoCo is a ready-to-use liquid formulation containing cobalt and molybdenum—two of the key nutrients needed in one convenient solution. With OPTRIENT MoCo now available, KAS offers tree nut and fruit growers a foliar product made to maximize nutrient efficiency and aid in production.

The nutrients in OPTRIENT MoCo work in tandem to promote flower retention, increasing the opportunities available for pollination, which can boost production and improve profitability.

“At KAS, we work each day to provide efficient nutrient solutions for growers,” said Greg Hunter, vice president of global sales at KAS. “With this ready-to-use foliar solution for tree nut and fruit growers, we believe OPTRIENT MoCo offers the convenient and effective option growers need to increase their productivity.”

Applied as a liquid foliar, OPTRIENT MoCo offers uniform coverage, quick absorption of nutrients and fosters better flower retention without the use of chemicals and the increased risk of doubling. OPTRIENT MoCo also improves nitrogen metabolism and stimulates the formulation of amino acids, which can boost production and fruit setting. 

An additional product available in the OPTRIENT foliar nutrient line is OPTRIENT NITAMIN. OPTRIENT NITAMIN is a nitrogen foliar fertilizer with a low salt index and low levels of ammonia and biuret that allows it to be safely applied directly to the leaf’s surface for rapid absorption and green-up. To learn more about OPTRIENT MoCo and OPTRIENT products, visit or contact your KAS sales representative.

Select OPTRIENT products are not registered for sale or use in all states. OPTRIENT, NITAMIN and the OPTRIENT logo are trademarks of Koch Agronomic Services, LLC.

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Koch Agronomic Services, LLC and its affiliates produce and market a proven and expanding global portfolio of plant performance technologies for agriculture producers. With a commitment to creating real, sustainable, long-term value for customers and society, Koch Agronomic Services, LLC focuses on developing customer-driven solutions to maximize plant performance and minimize environmental impact. Koch Agronomic Services, LLC is a subsidiary of Koch Ag & Energy Solutions, LLC.

Article Categories: Nutrient Management