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Meet the KAS Team: Katie Rose-Maltbie
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When companies want to build a broader awareness of a subject, they call their marketing team.

One of the people Koch Agronomic Services relies on is Brand and Communications Manager Katie Rose-Maltbie.

For the past four years, Rose-Maltbie has worked to build communication plans and create campaigns to help educate retailers and growers about the benefits of using Koch’s product lines of nitrogen stabilizers and micronutrients.

With a healthy curiosity and a passion to help growers, Rose-Maltbie is in a good position to make a difference in agriculture.

“I love the role that agriculture plays in the world,” she said. “And being a very small part of that is extremely rewarding.” 

But how did she get to where she is today?

Rose-Maltbie grew up in Texas where her passion for agriculture started in grade school.

“In the sixth grade, I really started getting involved in raising and showing pigs in FFA,” she said. “That’s really when my interest in agriculture sparked.”

When it came time for college, she traveled north to Oklahoma State University and majored in agricultural communications. While in school, she interned in communications with Mid Kansas Coop (MKC) and as a social media coordinator for Oklahoma Gardening, a TV show produced through Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service.

After graduating from college in 2016, she moved to Oklahoma City and started her communications career. And then in 2018, when she and her husband moved to Wichita, Kansas, she looked at Koch and liked what she saw.

“When we moved to Wichita, the stars aligned perfectly for me and this position was available,” she said. “Not only was the role in marketing, but it was also in agriculture.”

She credits the culture at Koch with her success in her job.

“Koch is a very unique place to work in a sense that the culture is not just something written on a plaque up on the wall, it’s truly lived out every day through the employees,” she said. “It’s not the norm. They make the role fit the person, not the other way around. That kind of thinking helps employees find fulfillment and reach self-actualization.”

Her day-to-day duties are always changing and that keeps Rose-Maltbie on her toes.

“Every day is different, which makes things fun and interesting,” she said. “A lot of what I do is supporting our products and sales team. I love helping our customers and growers understand the value of Koch’s solutions and what they can bring to their operation. It’s rewarding to develop tools and education pieces to help bridge that gap for them.”

For instance, Rose-Maltbie has developed Koch’s podcast — KAS Field Notes — over the past two years. Through that tool, she’s been able to provide retailers and growers with information from experts in the industry.

“Campaigns or tools, like KAS Field Notes, help our customers understand how our solutions fit into their operation,” she said. “Building out these resources for them that help break down the science and misconceptions behind something is a very fulfilling way for me to help growers.”

With a job that provides her with varied activities, what does she do away from work?

Curiosity gets the better of Rose-Maltbie and her husband. When they aren’t working, they’re traveling. Discovering new locations and learning more about the history of those areas.

“We like to travel and experience new places,” she said. “On the weekends, you can find us checking out small towns or going on tours. We also like to be tourists in the places we live.

Another passion goes hand-in-hand with traveling: photography. Rose-Maltbie can often be found with her camera, taking photos on their trips to show to family and friends. 

“When I am able to get my camera out, it gives me an opportunity to share those new places and activities,” she said. “That’s something I’m really passionate about, sharing those experiences with other people to build a broader awareness of the world.”

Whether she’s at work or venturing out to discover a new place, Rose-Maltbie always has others on her mind. Through her images or her work, she’s focused on sharing what she learns with others.

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